Taking Pride In Your Care

Personal Care

Lion Care are here to help with any washing, dressing and personal care you or your family member needs. We are able to assist with morning calls or throughout the day when we are most needed all the way to evening calls.


Sometimes shopping can be a major chore, but we are able to make it an easier experience either by taking you or your family member shopping as company or we can do it for you.

Social Care

Providing company while a relative or carer goes out and run errands, or taking the client out and about to an activity or shopping. Speak to us about the options available and what you need so we can help you.

Medicine Administration

Giving the client prescribed medication from a health care professional at the right times throughout the day to ensure that the medicine is taken safely.

Meal Preparation

Making sure that the client has the option of a hot meal at least once a day and to make sure that the client has access to fluids throughout the day, our carers can make cold snacks and food to leave for the client to eat at their leisure if the client prefers.

Appointment Chaperone

We can provide a client with a carer who can accompany them to routine appointments such as doctors or dentist.

Let us know if there is something else we can help you or your loved one with…